CargoKitchen Type II

The CargoKitchen Type II will share all of the original Cargo Kitchen function, but this new design has a few added benefits over the original.  This unit is designed around a cargo slide out, the entire cargo area will slide outwards to give you greater access to the items on the cargo slide. Also allowing for larger fridges/coolers since they can be oriented in different directions.  The Kitchen Counter with Cooktop deploy from below your Cargo Slide, and the redesigned sink/cutting board slides out from below the Counter Slide.  The Kitchen will still feature onboard water storage, running water with transfer pump capability, and the two burner cooktop.
We are launching the CKII initially for the Jeep JL and JK models.  This design is scaleable, and we will continue to adapt to other vehicle platforms. We will debut The CKII at Overland Expo East in October 2021.                              
If you want a CKII for your vehicle and don't see it listed, send us a email and we will build it for you.  We are also developing a basic version of the CKII that will feature the same cargo slide, countertop, and two storage drawers.