Our Story


     CargoKits started as a DIY project to make a table and sleeping platform for the back of our 4Runner to afford us a little more comfort on our adventures.  As time progressed and our family grew several renditions emerged, and each became more sophisticated than the last. Eventually, we built the first prototype of the CargoKitchen for a friend who roamed the country for a while.  We learned a lot from that feedback, and made modifications where necessary.  The CargoKitchen you see today reflects those improvements, and we will continue to innovate and spread to new vehicle platforms as we grow.  Our roots were in manufacturing before we started, and this was a natural progression from design to production for us.

  The quest became to simplify the camp kitchen setup and breakdown by creating a rapid deploying fully equipped kitchen unit that must be removable for times you need your entire cargo area.  This isn't a complete build out in one's vehicle, but rather a module that can be installed and removed as needed.  Take it on your next overlanding adventure, tailgate, or road trip.  The uses are truly limitless.  

    Headquartered in Fairview, TN we are a proud family owned and operated American manufacturer. With over 30 years in business we have a track record for exceptional customer service and satisfaction.