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Cargo Kits

CargoKit II

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The CargoKit II is a modular drawer assembly for vehicles, and can be configured depending on the requirements.  Two drawer locations, Left and Right.  Four drawer options:  storage, refrigerator, counter, and CargoKitchen slide out

1) Storage Drawer
  • 250 pound drawer capacity
  • Standard 50/50 drawer split
  • Custom drawer widths upon request

2) Refrigerator Drawer

  • Dometic Coolmatic CD30
  • 31 quart capacity

3) Counter Drawer

  • Slide out counter (optional Dometic 2 burner cooktop w/ windscreen)
  • Built in storage compartment

4) CargoKitchen

  • Dometic cooktop & windscreen
  • Running water, faucet + hand spray
  • Fresh water storage between 5-7 gallons depending on vehicle
  • Easy fill system, fill the tank from any potable spigot, or pump the water onboard from a jerry can with the built in pump  
  • Auto shutoff to stop the filling process when the tank is full.
  • Optional water purification system, featuring a carbon filter and UV treatment

 - Additional Options

  • 100AH lithium battery w/ charger + (2) twin quick charge USB outlets  + (2) 15amp 12v outlets
  • Water Purification System (Guzzle H2O Stream is the standard Purification System, but larger CargoKit models like the Land Cruiser has a Guzzle H2O Stealth integrated into the water system.)
  • Slide forward sleeping platform, sleeps two, does not require removal of back seats (4Runner and Land Cruiser models only)