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CargoKitchen II

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The CargoKitchen II has all the same great features as its predecessor, while leveraging our drawer system platform. This upgrade boosts cargo storage and doubles the unit's water storage capacity. Moreover, the CargoKitchen II comes with one large storage drawer (with the option to substitute a refrigeration drawer) as well as an optional Renogy Battery System and, on certain models, a sleeping platform.

- Standard Features
  • Large Storage Drawer (or optional Dometic Coolmatic refrigeration drawer)
  • Dometic cooktop & windscreen
  • Running water with Dometic Go Hydration Water Faucet
  • Stainless steel fresh water storage tank (between 10-15 gallons depending on vehicle)
  • LED amber lighting
  • Easy fill system, fill the tank from any potable spigot
  • Auto shutoff safety system to stop the filling process before the tank overflows

 - Additional Options

  • Dometic Coolmatic Refrigeration Drawer
  • 100AH lithium battery w/ charger + (6 Circuit Fused Switch Panel + (2) Twin quick charge USB outlets + (1) 15amp 12v plug + (1) User Defined Circuit w/Anderson Connector (User defined circuit not available if ordered with Dometic Coolmatic Refrigerator Drawer) + Defrost circuit to thaw plumbing (The remaining two circuits are used or the Transfer feature and the Lights of the CargoKItchen)
  • Slide forward sleeping platform, sleeps two, does not require removal of back seats (4Runner and Land Cruiser models only)